French Polynesia Flotilla




Tahiti, Raiates, Taha'a, Huahine and Bora Bora 

Winter 2021


Join our French Polynesia Flotilla and visit paradise on earth. Those who fly into the islands and stay in hotels, only experience a part of the magic of the islands. It is only in sailing between the blue ocean and the turquoise lagoons in the shadow of the majestic volcanic peaks as the  ancient Polynesians did in their outrigger canoes, that one realizes the full beauty of Tahiti.


The four islands have ancient volcanic centers which rise from the lovely calm lagoons ringed by outlying reefs . Pauses in the reefs allow safe access in blue water sailing in the trade winds. Steady trade winds provide fast reaches of about 5 hours between islands. Good anchorages are abundant among the central islands as well as on the motus, lushy vegetated islets that have evolved on the encircling barrier reefs. These coral atolls have sandy beaches and offer a stunning view back towards those volcanic ranges.





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